Croft Classic in Latte Silver


Do you like your bag how you take your coffee? Rich, creamy and something you never get tired of?

We are big believers that a cream-toned bag is more versatile than black. It can work as a great neutral and also as an accent color. So whether you’re dressing down (but still want to look snappedt) for a grocery run or dressing up for a more smart casual event, cream bags can adapt to that specific and particular vibe. A fashion not-so-secret. You’re welcome.

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Slowly and delicately handcrafted in the Philippines using high-quality imported vegan leather.

The Croft 2.0 is back and better than ever.

A classic made even better. The ultimate IT bag because… it just works!

Our Croft bag is back with subtle but functional improvements. Two zip sliders to make life easier. An additional keyring on the strap to hold more things.

It’s;s the bag you keep coming back to just because. The one that makes you forget.. all your other bags. It fits your life – both the essentials and the non-essentials sans looking like you brought the whole house.

Functional, hardworking, stylish and classic but never boring – just like the multi-faceted women that we are.

Bag Dimensions
Length: 6.5 inches (additional 3.5 inches with handle)
Width: 9 inches
Depth: 3.2 inches


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Croft Classic in Latte Silver


4 in stock