Rory & Sloan x Acqua Mini


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We want to keep you hydrated and powered while you go on your Croft 2.0 adventures so we’ve partnered with fellow local brand Acqua! Take this chance to get your very own Personalized Rory & Sloan heart keychain with the Croft 2.0 and engraved Acqua bottle for free when you avail of this kit.

First 20 buyers get a FREE Belle de Jour 2021 Power Planner!

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Buy Any 1L Acqua Bottle & Rory and Sloan Bag for P3300

Regular Price: P3869, Save P569

Acqua Bottle 500mL variations: Rose Punch Pink, Seafoam Blue

Rory and Sloan Croft Bag variations: Goji (Lilac), Matcha (Green), Pea (Blue), Nutmeg (Tan)

Additional information

Croft 2.0

Pea, Matcha

Acqua 500ML Bottle

Rose Punch Pink, Seafoam Blue


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Rory & Sloan x Acqua Mini

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